Library Card

In order to be able to borrow items from the Library, a Library card is necessary

The following categories can apply for a Library Card

  • the Academic, Administrative & general staff of NKUA's School of Sciences & Pharmacy Dept.
  • All graduade and post graduate students of NKUA's School of Sciences & Pharmacy Dept.

All Library members can freely make use of all Library's Services

To apply for a Library card the following are required:

  • Registration Form (available from the Library's Secretariat or from the Main Reference Desk on the 3rd floor.
  • Credentials : personal id card, academic id card

Item Loan

the following table describes the number of books , loaning period and renewals each Library member is entitled to


member categorybooksloaning periodRenewals
Academic Staff730 days2
Post graduate Students310 days2
Under graduate Students

2 textbooks

+ 2

30 days

+4 days



Students with Disabilities515 days1


 Long-term loan collection

refers to the textbooks currently in the syllabus of the Schools of Sciences departments & Pharmacy dept.

Only undergraduate students - library members are eligible to long term loan as well as students who have lost their right to free textbooks. The latter are obligated to present to the Library , a certificate from their School's Secretariat that states that they are not eligible to free textbooks.

 Short term loan collection

refers to

  • maps , only available for photocopies or study for a few hours period
  • digital material [CD-ROM, DVD, floopy discs (as book complimentary material or not)] available for a 24 hour loan period

Non-loanable Collection

this collection can be strictly viewed within the Library's premices.

Refers to

  • reference material (dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies)
  • Journals, newspapers
  • Rare items collection
  • Grey Bibliography (PhD, thesis)

Grey Bibliography can only be borrowed after a 3 year interim of its submission or earlier with the author's consent, as stated in the author's official "Master Thesis/ Dissertation" document submitted in the Library.

 Borrowers names are never made public in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act.




Library members hold the right to renew borrowed books twice.                         

Items from the Long term loan collection can only be renewed once.

The same items can be borrowed to the same user after a 15 day interim from the last renewal.

Renewal requests can be made on the item's due date, unless the requested item is on hold by a different  user.

Renewal request via

  • telephone (+30)210 727 6519
  • email (sci-loan@lib.uoa.gr)
  • in person in the Library

Overdue items will not be renewed.


Library members have the right to put items that are currently borrowed to another user on hold.

Hold requests via:

Each user can put up to (2) two items on hold. The Reference Desk will inform the user via telephone or email regarding the progress of the hold request and the exact date that the desired item will be available again.

The hold is not valid if the item remains unclaimed after a 3 day period.

The Library has the right to reduce the loaning period of items on high demand, for the benefit of all users.


What happens in case of overdue items?

Please do try to return borrowed books on time. In case of overdue items the following penalties apply :

  • 3 days overdue item (1st time ) -  one (1) month membership suspension
  • 2nd time overdue item - six (6) months membership suspension
  • Repeatedly overdue items - membership will be cancelled  

What happens in case of overdue items due to serious reasons ?

In case of a serious reason or situation that made it impossible for the user to return items on time (ex illness), please be advised to inform the Library as soon as possible via phone or email. Each case will be individually evaluated.

What happens if borrowed items are lost or damaged?

  •  Lost items must be replaced  by the user  
  •  Damaged items will be charged to the user

If  the item  is no longer in print and therefore cannot be replaced , the Library Board will decide the penalty in each case


The Interlibrary Loan Department is tasked to research and order books, essential for the study and research of users-library members, that are not available in the Library of the School of Sciences Collections but are available in the collections of other NKUA Libraries or in the academic Libraries of other Institutions.

All Library members are eligible to place an Interlibrary Loan Request

To place a request, a visit to the Library's Interlibrary Loan Department is required.

Please notice that all postage expences and handling fees are charged to the user and depend on the courier service selected at each order.

Visiting Hours: Monday - Friday 08 30 - 15 00

telephone: (+30) 210 727 6486

email: sci-ill@lib.uoa.gr


Digital Library of Dissertations, Master Thesis & PhD

NKUA's Digital Library "Gray Bibliography" includes dissertations, master thesis and PhD, that have been drafted and prepared in the course of NKUA Curricula (Graduate & Post-graduate).

For terms of use & access please view the above website.

 "Gray Bibliography" is now part of the digital collection of NKUA's Unified Institutional Repository Platform/ Digital Library  «Pergamos».




Deposit Procedure for PhDs, post graduate & graduate thesis in NKUA's Pergamos Digital Institutional Repository

All graduate, post graduate & PhD students of the School of Sciences & Pharmacy Department are obligated to follow the following steps, in order to get their diploma.

Step 1

 After the thesis' approval and grading, students must submit (strictly in pdf format) the thesis to Pergamos digital institutional Repository, filling in all requested information in the submission form, according to the guidelines provided for that purpose.

The thesis needs to offer page numbering, contents, summary & key words (at least 5) in both Greek & English, and numbered bibliographic references

The following must appear on the first pages of the thesis: School, Department, the post graduate Program (name), thesis' title, author's name, student id, the supervisor professors' name &  the committee's names (post graduate & PhDs) as well as the names of the 7 members of the Committee (PhDs) and their title (ex Professor, Associate Prof), place (ex Athens), year (ex 2016)

Electronic deposit is possible from all computers

In order for students to have access to personalized services, an active institutional account is necessary.


Step 2

A submission form must be filled in, in two copies. The form is later validated by the Secretariat Department. The form is also available on the Library.


Step 3

Visit the Library of the School of Sciences, after a 3 day intermission of the submission, in order to:

  • Return any overdue books
  • present to the Library's secretariat dept. the Form for submitting the thesis (in 2 copies) with the original signatures & validated by the Schools' Secretariat along with the Library membership card, if one exists, to be cancelled

Students will receive a signed copy as a required document for getting the degree in order to present it to the Schools' Secretariat department.


The Library offers wifi internet access in the Reading Rooms for users who carry their personal laptops & wire connection in the Group Study Rooms.

On the 3rd floor there is free broadband wireless internet access available to students with the appropiate equipment (laptop, PDA, smartphone, etc) and an active University account, provited by the NKUA's Network Operation Center (Κ.ΛΕΙ.ΔΙ)


The Library's PC Room is equipped with 24 computer terminals, open to the public Monday to Friday, 08.30 - 19.00 & Saturday 09.00 - 14.00.                                               

All Library members are allowed to use the PC Workstations

Each workstation can accommodate 1 user, unless a study group is formed, in which case Library personnel must be informed in advance. 

PC workstations can be used for writing papers and assignments, with the use of common office programs, as well as internet browsing , solely to gather information and data for educational and research purposes.

 Unnecessary internet browsing and downloading or creating of programs is prohibited.

The Library personnel in charge of the workstations holds the right to intervene and revoke the right of use, to any user that violates the PC workstations rules.

The 3rd & 4th floor of the Library are equipped with PC workstations solely for searching material through the Open Public Access Online Catalogue (OPAC).

All Library users are free to search and access the full texts of scientific journals under HEAL-LINK (Hellenic Academic Libraries Link), that support and provides more than 9000 Journals, as well as bibliographic databases via the following link  www.lib.uoa.gr


Academic Libraries have gained access to the textbook management information system "EYDOXOS".

The Library offers students of the School of Sciences & Pharmacy Department, the service of returning textbooks that they have received from EYDOXOS without be entitled to them.

Additionally, the Library acts as an EUDOXOS didtribution center.

Textbook distribution & Returns (4th floor)  visiting hours:

Monday to Friday : 9:00 - 15: 00

Telephone : (+30) 210 727 6535

email : paschalidou(at)geol.uoa.gr


The Interlibrary Loan Department is tasked to research and order articles of Journals essential for the study and research of library users that are not available in the Library of the School of Sciences collections, but are available in the collections of other libraries (other NKUA libraries or in academic libraries of other institutions).

All members of the Library of the School of Sciences are eligible to use the Article Ordering Service via the Library & Information Center site.

To place an order for the desired article - that is not available in the NKUA collections, neither elecronically nor in print - users must first locate it either on the National Catalogue of Scientific Journals of the National Documentation Center (EKT) or in the main catalogue of the British Library.

Please be adviced that in order to locate the desired article, you must know the Journal's title, issue, and publication date.

An article order application form is available online, where the validity and completeness of the requested bibliography data is a prerequisite condition. The order is then electronically send to the Interlibrary Loan Department, signed and with the user's full personal details.

All postage expenses and handling fees are charged to the user.

Interlibrary Loan Department visiting Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:30 - 15:00

Telephone : (+30) 210 727 6486




The Library provides workstations equipped with specialized aids and tools to support students with disabilities.

Specifically, in a specially designed Room, on the 3rd floor of the Library, three separate workstations are located that meet the needs of students with blindness, reduced vision, mobility disability and deafness.

The workstations are equipped with special devices and software to facilitate easy access to the PC, internet, and to all library's collections, particularly for students who struggle with handling printed materials (printed disability)

Furthermore, students with disabilities are welcomed to use the workstations for writing papers and assignments or for study groups with fellow volunteer students that support their studies.

For more info about NKUA's Library Services for Disabled students (equipment description, brief & detailed user manuals, etc) please visit http://access.uoa.gr/index.html 

Please note that both Library’s entrances, main & secondary (department of Mathematics) meet all accessibility criteria.